New belt and tensioner went in today as a PM Well that and I could hear a bit... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

New belt and tensioner went in today as a PM. Well, that and I could hear a bit of a clacking every now and again under load. 73k for the original tensioner, pretty good I reckon!

Having relocated inlets really made this job a snap. DIY says you gotta drop the fan. Uh uh, no sir, not here. 20min job for me thank you very much!! Anywho, hit up Armando Diaz Jr. For your OE parts needs, the man is a saint!

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    Photos from Fregenss Forevaa's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

    N5x I need your help a little. I own an 09 n54 e92 fbo except port injection. Used to ran pretty nice until recently. I was at a gas station putting gas then it wouldn't start. Then I changed the low pressure fuel pump (diy tween 450 walbro) then and high pressure fuel pump, and fuse then it started but it gives me lots of problems now and wouldn't run good at all. Car goes straight to 3rd gear when put it on drive. I bought the high pressure fuel pump and also replaced it on my own. But my I'm not getting any reading for the high pump(idk if that mean I bought a bad pump since dude I bought it from says it has only 2k miles). Is there anyone that can help me? Thanks in advance

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      LC Thomas can you give us an update on your experience with changing your auto... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

      LC Thomas can you give us an update on your experience with changing your auto transmission fluid?

      How its performing now....

      How many miles where on the car when did service....

      What fluid did you go back with?

      Thanks in advance my friend

      Or anyone else that has done this service on their auto, please comment before and after experience. Tia

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        Pic for attention So I m having a misfire only cylinder 5 new sparks coils... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

        (Pic for attention) So I'm having a misfire only cylinder 5 (new sparks, coils & injectors) and there's no boost leak. I know this because I did the vacuum lines and the car just got out the shop for a dme replacement etc. valve cover gasket was done (they said and showed a "leak" in valve cover) I tightened it down and its less apparent. Idk if I should just replace the valve cover or what.

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          Probably been discussed but been looking on forums and can t find a solution — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

          Probably been discussed but been looking on forums and can't find a solution. Other day was trying to go WOT to run a log, 3rd gear pull up to 5500 rpm I got code 30ff. Went home checked vaccum lines retightened chargepipe, cleared code then switched to stock map and did the same thing but no codes popped up. Did multiple pulls to see if I get it again but nope. Just once in awhile depending at what speed I'm at in third or fourth, I go WOT rpms raise but no gaining speed as fast as I should. Still be a boost leak somewhere or no? Was on stage 1 mhd for flash. Could it be the tune itself asking for more boost and the turbos don't want to allow it? Orrrrr.

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            Photos from Eric Hodes's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

            I want to do two things with this post.

            First, I want to make it very clear that if you try to sell stolen goods on this page and the admin team finds out about it, we will do everything we can to assist any parties that want to pursue legal action. We will also post about it as I am here. I personally can not stand thieves, makes my blood boil. Especially when it's fucking over a vendor, in this case MMP.

            Secondly, this is to give all of you a heads up that if you see these for sale from anyone in the NY area, they are stolen! Anyone with integrity would actually turn the other way.

            See for yourself, you be the judge.

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              Alright fellow tuners I d like to formally welcome two big names of the N54... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

              Alright fellow tuners, I'd like to formally welcome two big names of the N54 community to our group. Both have been huge innovators and took this platform places never heard of before. Between their cut throat pricing and awesome products, they can't be beat! Both are extremely customer service oriented and very hands on.

              I'm honored to welcome Tiago Vieira, owner of VR-SPEED Factory and Maurico Madrid, owner of MMP Engineering!! Thanks for being here gentlemen!

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                Hey guys — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                Hey guys...

                Need some other options on the table....

                Going to be hydro dipping my rims next week and im going to put a personalised logo on the rim.

                Currently thinking of going for "N54-syndicate" a good ring to it....

                Any other ideas???

                Modified Coatings Ltd. Check out there FB page they have the black carbon dip im after on there with a white going for a red lip....and also have there logo on the wheel which ill be replacing with my own...


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                  Is it possible that the bolts just become loose on the AC compressor BMW... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                  Is it possible that the bolts just become loose on the AC compressor? BMW recently replaced my alternator and belt and now a few months later my belt Popped and they stated that it was because of the above issue and that they never touched the a/c compressor. So they are not trying to cover it on their cost. Is it possible to replace the alternator without touching the AC compressor bolts?

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                    This is a group for anyone interested in the 335i BMW model cars to post your... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                    This is a group for anyone interested in the 335i BMW model cars to post your pictures, questions, concerns. These models specifically. This is not a generic BMW forum.This group is designed to be a fun, clean, informative, and knowledgeable place to learn about, discuss, buy & sell, and find/interact with other people of similiar interests.

                    Due to the excessive number of membership requests, effective immediately, this group will be implementing a refferal based membership ONLY. We will ONLY be accepting members if they are added by current members. So there are two ways to join. Have a friend and current member add you OR PM a member of the admin team to specifically make those arrangements. The requesting party will need to provide the following to admin:

                    -an english name on your facebook profile

                    -a profile picture of its owner

                    -request (but not required) a picture of your BMW

                    All other membership requests will be denied.


                    1)No racist/sexist/orientation insensitive posts of any kind or derivatives of racist words. This includes fag, faggot, nigga and any derivatives of them.

                    2)Threats and/or violent natured posts will not be tolerated.

                    3)This is NOT the place for political or religious posts. That includes ANTI political or anti religious posts.

                    4)Keep the trolling clean and do not instigate arguments.

                    5)Requests for mechanical help MUST be descriptive and INCLUDE codes thrown. All others will be deleted!

                    6)Pornographic pictures of any kind are a bannable offense.

                    For Sale & Want to Buy Rules:

                    7a) Posts must contain an asking or starting price in the ORIGINAL POST. ($1 is not an acceptable amount.)

                    7b) They should contain pictures and must be detailed,and explanatory.

                    may receive one bump per 24 hrs for the first week then 48 hrs there-after.

                    7c)Do no repeat or duplicate your for-sale thread. Simply bump or edit your previous one. Violation of this rule will result in removal of both/all threads.

                    7d)Items below $100 (like part-outs) must be combined into one large thread.

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                      Racism will NOT be tolerated here at all If you use any racial slurs any at... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                      Racism will NOT be tolerated here at all. If you use any racial slurs, any at all, you WILL be removed, no questions asked. We're supposed to be an international community of BMW enthusiasts not a mob armed with pitch forks and hate speech. If you feel you can not oblige, please remove yourself now.

                      If you have been or are being racially attacked, please tag a member of the ADMIN team and we will handle it promptly.

                      I'd like to sincerely apologize on behalf of the admin team for anyone that may have been offended by recent posts here. Again, it will not be tolerated. If you have any questions, let me/us know!

                      Happy tuning!

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                        Hey guys so ive been running the mhd 1 tune for 6 months with no issues what so... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                        Hey guys, so ive been running the mhd 1+ tune for 6 months with no issues what so ever. Was out doing a few runs again with no issues 2nd 3rd gear pulls.....all of a sudden car goes into limp mode and tells me 30FF low pressure. So immedately stop and drive the car around at low speed jus to get the temps back low till i get me self home (at which point even at low rpm the car isnt pulling half as strong). I clear the code wen i get home and flash back to mhd stock.

                        Leave it a few hours and jump back in....

                        Drive around at low speed and it seems to be ok a little less strong but i thought it qas due to going bak to stock after being used to 1+. So i thought sod it ill do a pull to see if the code apears again. 2nd 3rd gear pulls no code no issues!

                        Small leak at dvs? Or vac line? ....

                        Dont want to spend on boost leak and vac leak checks....

                        What you lot think? Should i just replace the two? And go back to 1+?

                        Car is a 2007 with 77k..... as far as im aware not had any parts fitted or changed for 27k....part from full service elements...coils sparks etc....

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                          Got a problem wondering if anyone can help My car was idling extremely roughly... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                          Got a problem wondering if anyone can help? My car was idling extremely roughly and misfires on all cylinders replaced spark plugs and noticed oil in all cylinder holes so need to changed VCG. It started a couple of times after but now it won't start it cranks but no start. For some reason the BMW door chimes aren't there anymore and my iDrive is black and won't turn on either. I checked all fuses and they are all good. Had a mechanic check it out and said the fuel pressure was really low. But i don't have any HPFP codes? These are codes I'm getting.

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                            I m screwed I dunno how to fix this shit power steering fluid is low found... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                            I'm screwed I dunno how to fix this shit: power steering fluid is low, found another oil leak coming for the hoses going into the OFH, coolant was near dry, vanos leaking bc the clip popped off and the bolts were loose, found defined wear in the belt which is also loose, and my turbos are whining without pressure on them. Has 91k on it. Just bought it 3 months ago. It's garaged until Monday when I take it to the shop and throw dollar bills at it.

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                              Anyone want to do a group buy on custom Inlets They will be designed to work... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                              Anyone want to do a group buy on custom Inlets. They will be designed to work with stock or upgraded turbos.

                              Construction will be 2" at the turbo then up to 2.5. Will "Y" with the other inlet into a single 4" cone. My fab guy said he can so Stainless or Aluminum. And cost will depend on orders. Minimum of 10 to get a discount. I'll be using my car as the donor. And if we get enough people I'll have dyno sheets and pictures of actual kit. Price is undetermined at the moment as it's still in the fab process. I opted for Aluminum since mine will be powder coated. Let me know so I can let him know. Will have pictures of this guys other work so you can see quality of work. TIA.

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                                So today I turned on my car and the damm radiator fan was blowing hard as hell — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                So today I turned on my car and the damm radiator fan was blowing hard as hell. More than like water pump failure coming, the thing is now it's not doing it and it's driving normal. I also bled the pump to see if it would kick on and it does, has anyone had this happen my car has 77k and I was expecting the pump to go bad but now the fan is normal and pump is turning on wth. 2009 135i

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                                  Photos from Js Twinturbo's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                  50$ dll special. ( Remotely)

                                  Alpina FLash for n54/n55.

                                  Sat Flash For E60s.

                                  M3 Gts DCT flash (E series only).

                                  This includes installing all the necessary software & files on your pc+ flashing your car.


                                  1.have a windows pc wind xp,vista,7,8,10

                                  2.have a K+D can cable.

                                  3.Install Teamviewer (for remote access).

                                  Msg me If you are interested.

                                  Whole Process takes 40Min

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                                    So what would cause my car to have a really serious misfire Like shake the... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                    So what would cause my car to have a really serious misfire. Like shake the entire car. Doesn't matter if your moving or at an idle. Sounds rough. I pulled the plugs and they don't look bad. But it's saying cylinder 2 misfire. Typically when plugs go out they misfire at an idle but clean yo a little. This is horrible. Sounds worse then a bad plug

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                                      Photos from Khris Stunna's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                      EVERYTHING MUST GO Many Parts Available ! IF YOU PULL THE PARTS I WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER DEAL!

                                      *Mechanical / Engine Parts EVERYTHING MUST GO Many Parts Available ! IF YOU PULL THE PARTS I WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER PRICE!

                                      ***2007 BMW 335i 6Speed **Salvage Title

                                      *Mechanical / Engine Parts

                                      *N54 Engine has about 103,000miles $2,500 obo complete swap includes engine/trans/harness/turbos

                                      Transmission shifts like butter! 100,000

                                      6speed $900

                                      *V2 Air suspension Complete kit $2,500 obo

                                      Alternator $200

                                      Starter $200

                                      AC Compressor $200

                                      Fuel pumps low side $150

                                      New HPFP $350

                                      Fuel pump module $200

                                      Throttle body SOLD

                                      Muffler / Exhaust $150/ 100


                                      Catalytic Converter $400

                                      Heater Core $250

                                      Fuel Tank$150

                                      IAC Valve / Idle Air Control Valve $80

                                      Crankshaft Sensor $100

                                      Camshaft Sensor $100

                                      Master brake cylinder $140

                                      Coil Packs $200

                                      Windshield Wiper Motor $100

                                      Windshield fluid reservoir $60

                                      Manual Rack and Pinion $450

                                      Calipers (4) $350

                                      Axles $150 each

                                      Hub Assembly / Spindle $200 each

                                      OEM Struts (4) $SOLD

                                      Control Arms $200 each

                                      Brake booster$120

                                      Master cylinder $120


                                      Bumpers SOLD

                                      Fog lights SOLD

                                      Doors $250 each each complete

                                      Fenders with side marker $150 each

                                      Headlights with HID available SOLD

                                      Windshield Wiper arm $35

                                      Driver Side mirrors $130

                                      Alloy Wheels with tires (SOLD)

                                      Trunk (No Good)

                                      Trunk hingeS $60

                                      Trunk Actuator $100


                                      Rearview mirror $35

                                      Steering column $150

                                      Center Console $100

                                      Front Seats mint condition $450

                                      Rear seats $350

                                      Seat belts 80 EACH

                                      SRS module $200

                                      Headliner $80

                                      air bags $180 EACH

                                      Dashboard $350 COMPLETE

                                      Carpet $80

                                      Shift knob 40

                                      Cluster / Instrument Panel / Speedometer

                                      Temperature control panel SOLD

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                                        Photos from Js Twinturbo's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                        INStalls/Coding/Tuning/Diagnose/Repairs (ALL YEARS/MODELS)/Vynl Wrap/MHD/JB4/Mods+More~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                        Msg Me if you need any type of install (Local Only)(L.A)

                                        -Downpipes N54/N55/N20/S55/S63/B58/

                                        -Jb4 N54/N55/N20/S55/S63/B58/

                                        -Fuel Pump







                                        -Water Pump

                                        -Valve Cover Gasket

                                        -Transmission Service

                                        -Coolant Flush

                                        -Spark Plugs/Coils

                                        -Any type of bolts ons etc...

                                        Also if you need any type of CODING (LOCAL/REMOTELY)

                                        if you are local im located near LOS ANGELES CA. if you are not local we can do this over the internet (REMOTELY) as long as you have the required obd2 cable, a windows pc and internet conection.

                                        Repairs: All years/Models. Bmw/Audi/Mini/VW/ Imports Etc..

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                                          Sorry to bother you guys I just have a question pertaining my BMW — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                          Sorry to bother you guys I just have a question pertaining my BMW.

                                          So my belt keeps getting shredded for some reason. This is like the 3rd time. What can I do to prevent it from shredding,

                                          There is also nothing leaking on the belt, it's not whining nothing seems to look wrong with that area. I just wonder if the previous belts left behind residues could that be a cause?

                                          Any advice?

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                                            Photos from Shan Panchani's post — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                            MHD guru's need a little help here. After I flashed MHD, SES light pops up resulting from these codes in the picture. After a quick research, I pulled the #38 fuse which is the o2 heater circuit fuse which was blown, so I replaced it with another 30A fuse but I'm getting the same codes.

                                            Any idea what could be the problem? It would be unusual for all o2 sensors going out at once!!!

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                                              104k so was doing 85 90 in 5th gear for about 10 miles didnt realize I was in... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                              104k so was doing 85-90 in 5th gear for about 10 miles didnt realize I was in 5th. (Music up couldnt hear exhaust) so i went to 6th no problem. Finished my drive well i exited and came to a stop. At the light transmission gear light dinged on. Threw me out of M mode wekt to go and rpms spiked and it barely wanted to move. Like a clutch slipping feeling. Ran codes while light on didnt show anything. Restarted car amd no issue no weird shifts nada. Drove him trac off 0-100 in M mode no issues ? Still no codes and wont act weird. Got her a lottle too hot ? Anyone have an idear. I know "show us the codes" well there wasnt. Jb4 or ODB port just a yellow trans light 07 335i AT

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                                                Hey guys I m going to the dyno on Friday I m going to do pulls on Stg 0 Stg 1... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                                Hey guys I'm going to the dyno on Friday. I'm going to do pulls on Stg 0, Stg 1 and Stg 2 to post for future reference. I just have BT Intake, Charge pipe and BT catless DP. 335i N55 AT. My question is, when doing the pull what gear should I use? I'm assuming 4th would be good. Anyways let me know what you guys have been doing.

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                                                  About to go over to the shop and install MHD BEF and try out the new Pure Stage... — Bmw 335i jb4 Mhd

                                                  About to go over to the shop and install MHD BEF and try out the new Pure Stage 2. One quick question I have is what does this mean:

                                                  "To load the flash first set the JB4 to map0 disabling it's CANbus. After loading remove the android device, select mode 4/2 in dash so your JB4 knows you're running a BEF, and then select your normal JB4 map. No other JB4 settings needed."

                                                  I know to set it to map 0 to flash it but after how do I go about selecting mode 4/2? Is it something with the steering controls? Thanks in advance

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