Made the mistake of SELECTing my CLASSIC O2 from a builder in the Dallas area

Made the mistake of SELECTing my CLASSIC O2 from a builder in the Dallas area. Among other things, the car was shipped with an oil leak. Turns out the oil leak was from the distributor flange below the oil pressure switch because a "mechanic" did not add the washer gasket to the hex bolt.

After my son and I took the dizzy flange off the block, we noticed the hex bolt mentioned above had minimal threads on the lower half. My son also said it seemed to come out easier than the other bolts. Didn't really think much about this until we decided the test fit the flange and the new hex bolt and washer gasket.

The new bolt felt like it could not grab any threads. We pulled the flange off, and my son noticed what he thought were the remains of an old washer. Turns out what he saw hanging out of the bolt hole were the remains of the threads.

I already think I know what my options are, but I'm still going to ask. Can the bolt hole in the block be tapped & the dizzy flange flange drilled to accommodate the larger bolt? Is there any way to drill out the bolt hole and press a threaded fitting in to accommodate the stock M6x20 hex bolt. It's an E12 head that was ported an polished. Also running a 292 cam...

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Just another dumb idea that I don t know how to make happen

Just another dumb idea that I don't know how to make happen.

Any of you electrical engineer types think I can make a single bulb be a dim/bright idiot light for two separate sensors or switches? Needs to be a small form factor that fits behind the cluster..

Might even be as simple as a dual micro relay and a resistor..?

Just tying to think of a stealth way to add a fuel pressure switch to let me know I have a low fuel pressure to my side drafts, aka dead or dying electric pump.. I have a 2-7 lb adjustable pressure switch on its way.

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    Photos from David Matthew's post

    Tech tip...

    I'm installing a new radiator and changing out all the hoses on My son's '02.

    There is a hose that goes directly under the Alternator. So I removed the Alternator for a few minutes, to replace the hose.

    Inspecting the fan belt, found cracks in multiple places. God was watching out for us. If it were not for the hose, I would not have loosened the fan belt and checked it.

    So the Tech Tip is to just plan on replacing the fan belt as part of the whole process of replacing all the coolant hoses. New hose clamps are a good idea as well.

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      Photos from Trevor Lapham's post

      Don't know if this has been done before, but thought I would share. Converted euro front turn signals to have US running lights. Picked up the set of rusted out housings years ago, finally decided to rip them apart and see what could be done. First, I drilled out the brass rivets holding the lamp holder assembly into the lens. I then discovered I had 2 styles of US housings- one had a metal lamp holder, the other was plastic. The metal was super easy to install into a US housing. A pair of shears cut it down to fit. The plastic one required some major modification to work. I had to bend the tabs backwards and cut the plastic. Thankfully the ground strap had just enough length to move forward and line up the bulb connections. Hot glue gun works wonders. Much faster and cleaner than JB weld. I finished by fitting the leftover rivet into the holders, bending the brass over to hold into place, and added a little solder to make sure there was a good ground connection, and that it would stay in place once installed. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to take before pics, but here you go:

      Also, now I have a pair of US lenses and one decent but rusty Euro lamp holder, if anyone is interested.

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        Photos from Garry Summers's post

        Added Sunday project:

        I picked up an Ireland Engineering 12" electric fan kit yesterday, when I pulled the Radiator to do some measuring I came up with this plan.

        I removed the sheet metal screw clips and replaced them with threaded clips, I ran bolts from behind to secure the 2 aluminum struts. The bolts now double as radiator mounting studs

        FYI this wouldn't work with the 10" fan

        When I started looking online for where to splice in the Thermo-Switch somebody posted that it threads into the late model drain plug bung

        +1 for the Square Tails

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          1974 BMW2002C — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

          I live in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA and am selling my 1974 2002. I can forward pictures to interested parties.

          This vehicle does run, although it does need a new battery. I also have a rad to replace the bad one installed. I have a spare set of stock wheels (rims). The tires are old and cracked. Not useable.

          This vehicle hit a deer and thus the front damage has been pulled out,

          This 2002 comes with lot's of extra's./ Car has a gas cap despite it missing in the photo. Mint like tail lights (extra). Extra Head lights. An extra steering wheel. A spare M10 engine is included. No bumpers. Missing:the front grill. It has typical 2002 rust around the rear wheel wells, but the shock towers look good.

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            Photos from David Matthew's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

            So I have been running a RAMFLO air cleaner on my Webber 45mm Side draft. Worried more about the more than – “urban legend” that the filter gets saturated with fuel, so if the carb backfires, it literally starts a fire… Plus wanting a little more unrestricted induction, allowing for quicker acceleration and “pull” a higher RPM’s.

            I went to Pierce Manifolds



            Brothers Warren and Mike Pierce know a thing or two about Webber carbs, Intake-Signal and air flow. They specialize in vintage applications of all foreign sports and racing engines including but not limited to: Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Datsun-Nissan, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar Mercedes, Lancia, MG, Porsche, Sunbeam, Volvo and more. Plus various offerings of changing domestic engines from the typical "Holley" style of single or dual carbs to multiple webber carbs for V-8 applications.

            It should be noted that Pierce Manifolds sells the RAMFLO filter, so they are not biased in their offers of various options.

            I now have a Pair of DCO 50 Velocity Stacks (Air Horns), fitted with Individual Weber DCO, 48 IDA Air Filters, that are mounted to my 45 DCOE Webber Carb (Made in Italy - Brass Float). The Filter fits on air horn bell using patented lip lock technology. The filters look just like their racing counterparts but feature a Three layer stainless steel filtering down to .009 but with virtually no air flow restrictions.

            Function wise, I feel a smoother power, and more immediate throttle response, If not any more actual power with the Velocity Stacks compared to the RAMFLO filter.

            The sound is incredible. Between that and the I.E. Header/down-pipe and the ANSA exhaust, the M10 engine sounds similar to a WWII fighter plane! OK, Not exactly, but you get the point. Before, I had a fairly loud exhaust, now I have a complete "cacophony" of sounds, creating a symphony of engine music. Who needs a stereo, when you can listen, to howl of the sucking in large quantities of fresh air, mixt with the sounds of a fairly open exhaust and the buzz of the electric fuel pump!

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              5 6 SPEED GEARBOXES What is crucial to making a modern box fit the 2002 M10... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

              5 / 6 SPEED GEARBOXES, What is crucial to making a modern box fit the 2002 M10 engine incl flywheel n clutch?, is it the input shaft splines, length of input shaft? what else? I have been looking at 318i boxes from e46's and the like. Who knows which one from any of the petrol range works best and most hassle free? I can fit an E speedo without issue so thats not critical. It just seems that 320 E21 boxes are too few and too expensive when modern low mileage boxes are out there for beer money by comparison.

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                Photos from David Matthew's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                When I bought my car, it had a single carb return spring attached to the Strut tower brace, which would not move with the engine, often-creating “interesting” feelings through the pedal to my foot. Plus I like the idea dual springs (Back up spring) weather or not it is a requirement for SCCA rules (it is).

                I modified a Dual spring kit that is supposed to work with a Holley carb on a Chevy 350 engine. It is slightly stiffer at the pedal but more important, consistent through the travel. It’s a good “peace of mind” upgrade.

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                  Photos from David Matthew's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                  So my car would not running right if the fuel tank was @ a 1/4 tank or less. Recently it got really bad and would hardly pull a hill and would not rev at all. in fact it actually died a couple of times. I could coast and pop the clutch and she would come back to life or I could eventually restart her. But it was an eventful trip home from San Jose, to say the least! It was obviously starving for fuel.

                  After I pulled the sending unit out of my fuel tank, I found this crud stuck to the bottom of the sending unit and coming out of the inlet holes from the bottom of the unit. Some of the stuff was floating around in the tank as well. The consistency was kind of like plastic strips (Think a woven plastic sack) and then even slightly rubbery feeling after it dried out.

                  I Got the O-ring (Gasket) to reinstall the sending unit from Mike Hayworth, who works at Monterey BMW (in Seaside, CA). Mike knows our classic BMW's (he owns a 2002) and is great source for knowledge and parts on any of the classic BMW models. THANKS MIKE!

                  I took the time to reconfigure the fuel line with Braided Steel and installed a "see through" fuel filter that you can replace the inner screen as well. She is running a lot better as a result.

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                    Ronal Turbo Phase 2 — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                    Rare Ronal Turbo "Phase 2"


                    15x7 ET28

                    Federal 195/45/R15

                    Sanford, FL

                    Well cared for. There isnt another set for sale that I can find with this bolt pattern. Local pickup only. I'm sad enough to see them go, and I dont want to get involved in shipping difficulties. Price is obo. Would like to move this weekend. I have two broken VWs that need cash.

                    Ronal Turbo Phase 2

                    $1,700 - Sanford, FL (32771)

                    Rare Ronal Turbo "Phase 2"


                    15x7 ET28

                    Federal 195/45/R15

                    Sanford, FL

                    Well cared for. There isnt another set for sale that I can find with this bolt pattern. Local pickup only. I'm sad enough to see them go, and I dont want to get involved in shipping difficulties. Price is obo. Would like to move this weekend. I have two broken VWs that need cash.

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                      Just trying my luck if someone knows where to buy wider version of the turbo... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                      Just trying my luck if someone knows where to buy wider version of the turbo flares? tried searching and lead me with nothing except for Group 2 flares. i would like to widen my turbo flares further to fit 8x13 et -12. Currently running 8x15 et0 but opted for a more aggressive set up. Saw one but was told it was one off and no mold was made to the wider version of the turbo flares. Last resort would be those universal flares 3" to 4" wide

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                        Photos from Bill Cardell's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                        Hi guys, thanks letting me in. I have three 02s, two of which run :-0 The third started out as "I'll just replace these rusty rockers and you can see in these pictures it's now a bare sandblasted shell (and yes, the sandblaster wrecked the trunk lid). I have a full set of box flares, air dam and rear lip stuffed inside the car while it rests on the pallet shelves. I bought the green Roundie last year and promptly lost the title, so I have to do searches in both CA and CO- grrr. I have another '74 that's a daily with a 32/36, five speed and Miata seats. Green one has a single side draft DCOE. The blasted one will "eventually" lose its two side draft setup and end up with Miata turbo 1.8. I haven't spent enough time looking yet to see if I can graft in the entire rollerskate from a Miata. The power plant frame will definitely need lengthening. Anyway, figured I'd introduce myself. Don't hate me for turning the one car Japanese, it was pretty rusty..

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                          I am doing a tii build with my son and would love some advice from on wheel... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                          I am doing a tii build with my son and would love some advice from on wheel fitment. We are doing turbo flares from ireland along with the stage 2 springs and bilstiens. We want an low stanced look. I am not sure we want to go with a 16' wheel but open to it. Assuming we go with 15" x 7 front and 8 rear should I be looking for an et 0 wheel? How about rubber size? If you think a 16" makes more sense for us happy to hear your feedback. thanks so much for any thoughts!

                          Not interested in any comments about flares on a tii.

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                            Jason Gipson shared a link to the group: BMW 2002 Modifier's Lounge. — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                            So, thoughts on this exhaust build..

                            Custom bent pipe, and these parts.

                            1. Center resonator..

                            Smithy's Muffler. (Strip off the blue paint, or not)

                            30 X 3.5" case (similar to stock)

                            2.25 in and out

                   hy-Muffler-2-25-Inlet-30-0-Long-/291953188413?hash =item43f9c41e3d:g:4EIAAOSwiDFYN8s9&vxp=mtr

                            2. Rear Muffler..

                            Flowmaster HushPower 2

                            5X4X18" case (22" overall length)

                            2" in and out.

                   HP-2-Muffler-2-In-Out-24-Overall-409-Stainless-/33 1339660775?hash=item4d2561fde7:g:bvEAAOSwAHZUMuRK& vxp=mtr

                            I bet this would flow well, with a good deep tone, look stock-ish..

                            for not a lot of money.

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                              Greetings I was hoping to get some personal recommendations for an automotive... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                              Greetings...I was hoping to get some personal recommendations for an automotive machine shop in the Pittsburgh area. I need to rebuild my 1600 motor, and was looking for a shop within driving distance to the tri state (PA / OH / WV) area. I’ve been checking out places in my immediate area and have been crushed at the sheer number of places that only speak cast iron or V/8. I’m getting weary of “that look” I get when I ask about BMW machine work. :(

                              Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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                                Photos from David Matthew's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                I just installed the LED taillight kit from . The kit includes a good instruction sheet (although it could be better if pictures where included) and all the pieces needed for a straight forward install. I taped the wires that went through the opening where the old bulbs went just so they would not be cut during the installation or any moving around while the car being operated. The O-ring (Spacer) is a pain as well as keeping the park & brake light panels, while you are trying to get the bucket lined up with the lens, but that is not the fault of the kit.

                                All together now "DAMN! THAT'S BRIGHT" The one picture shows the LED's (on the right) compared to the stock with new bulbs (Left). The other shows the final installation on both sides.

                                Not shown here, I will wrap the rest of the exposed wires with the stock looking, cloth-style electrical tape.

                                The non-stock wires are not for the 100% concourse, "Trailer Queen". However, I am extremely satisfied with this kit and would recommend it for anyone who has a "driver".

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                                  1974 2002 Malaga Complete but needs serious interior work Virtually rust free... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                  1974 2002 Malaga. Complete, but needs serious interior work. Virtually rust-free, straight body. Ran when garaged 20 years ago. Factory sunroof. Located near San Jose California.

                                  1967 1600 Sahara. Complete. 2002 Driveline and 1976 tan interior including 320i buckets and 1976 style dashboard. Rust-free, straight body. Ran when garaged 20 years ago. Located near San Jose, California. My dad bought the car new in 1967, then transferred it to me. Never out of San Francisco Bay area. I know everything about this car. Car has second-generation 14-inch 3 Series wheels, the ones with the correct offset, not the late 70's 320i wheels. I have the original license plate VLE 478 as well as my personalized plate "MY 67 BMW" Best offer.

                                  Grills and other miscellaneous parts also available.

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                                    Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                    My Brother made it back to Idaho at 4:00 this morning. He's already has the motors out.

                                    Head is off, 4th piston burnt. Intake valves were hitting the 1st and 4th piston. Needless to say, the previous machine shop were hacks.

                                    John has not dropped the pan yet, no report on that.

                                    Looks like we're gonna stuff the longest rod in there that we can get sense I'm having to replace the pistons. John will massage the head, add a ARP stud kit for the main bearings and the head.

                                    In the meantime, I took my 3-year old Granddaughter out for a little cruise in the ole "Sh*t-box" today. Can't always let sh*t get one down.....

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                                      Photos from David Matthew's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                      I did some work on the 2002 today. I have a friend at race shop, who helped me make various brackets and securely mount a few items.

                                      A Radiator puke/recover tank bracket was fashioned and it and the crank breather bottle mounted proper in the engine bay.

                                      The crank breather bottle fits where the fender meets the radiator support, it's curved and I just drilled holes and used stick-on padding behind the bottle and a long Zip tie to mount it more securely. It is a "restomod", with a nod towards "race car" so, it is simple and effective (lol)

                                      My friend bent 1" x 1/4" alloy stock into the bracket for the radiator puke/return can. I mounted it through the same holes used to mount the radiator to the support. I just used 1/4" longer bolts. I had to relocate the wires for the electric fan, but that was not a big deal. Originally they where right next to the radiator (and would have been directly behind the puke/recovery bottle). As you can see, they now reside between the two bottles.

                                      Moving to the trunk, a proper battery hold down bracket was fashioned and mounted the battery securely. (NOTE: This is NOT an indictment against Top-End Performance, The brace was installed in the car when I bought it and no hardware was included).

                                      The day ended with creating a bracket to hold the emergency tool/medic box in front of the trunk mounted battery.

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                                        Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                        Something let go in the motor on my drive this past Wednesday. Not sure why it happened, spun a bearing.

                                        I called my brother when I was on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck , he told me not to worry about it. He said "I drive out and take it back". He's on his way from Idaho right now, hauling his trailer, coming to pick up my car and take it back with him. John's gonna go through the motor in his machine shop.

                                        I also have a friend who is moving an in the process of shuttling belongings to Idaho, he has a few more loads, so there will be a empty trailer in a few weeks coming back to Cali.

                                        Not all is bad, bummed about the motor taking a sh*t, I put just over 500-miles. John has always built my motors when I was racing, happy to have another "Riparetti Racing Engines" under the hood in my car.

                                        I'm giving John the sign, this was part of the air duct that I built for the car I raced in 1998

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                                          Photos from Mark Anstine's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                          Help need some 2002er feedback to come up with a plan.

                                          I bought a 1976 tii that was in good shape but was sitting for 7 years. My son and I got it running but lots of black smoke, does not like to hold idle and power seems to drop off at higher rpm.

                                          We have replaced the fuel filter, o rings on Kfischer, plugs, wires, soliniod so far.

                                          We added more gas to the tank but did not remove all of the old gas(there was not much). We have not changed the oil and filter as it looks clean.

                                          Question: New plugs are showing oil on them(see pic). From the research if have done I am thinking valve guides but before I pull the head (or just pull the engine) I want to make sure I am not missing something else.

                                          All feedback is appreciated!!

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                                            Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                            One step closer to gettin back on the road. Main jets came in today, that gave me the chance to get the carbs off, and swap out the main jets/idle jets, along with the needle valves.

                                            I ended up having to borrow the tool to adjust the valves. The one I bought from Baum Tools that just arrived yesterday was a POS, I all ready sent it back today. But the one I did borrow worked out sweet.

                                            I had to send the shim kit back too, the shim kit started at 3-30, and went up to 4-something. The shins I need are more the 2-85 to 3-15 range. I'm just gonna order the ones I need.

                                            I was able to pull each one out, and document them in about 30-minutes. Not too bad for the 1st time.

                                            I put together a spread sheet of what I started with on valve lash, what it would take to have them all read out st .30mm, and the ones I would need to stay within BMW's tolerances.

                                            Tomorrow, I'm hoping to locate the shims I need to get me back on the road again.

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                                              Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                              I could just kick myself!

                                              I wish I would have ordered the shim kit and the valve tappet loading lever a LONG time ago. That's what is keeping me parked.

                                              I discovered a few tight valves when I checked them this morning. When me and my Brother went for our 1st test drive back on the 8th, he could hear the tight valves.

                                              I put over 300 miles on the car messing with the initial/advanced timing on the Electromotive Ignition System, but decided to park it and wait for the stuff to adjust the valves.

                                              Shims came in yesterday, the tool will be here on Tuesday, and hopefully the main jets are here tomorrow.

                                              I did a spread sheet, so I'll know where I'm at the next time I do a valve adjustment.

                                              Here are the things I need to turn my motor. The jet kit, the Uni-sync for the carbs, and the shim kit for the valve lash.

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                                                Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                Plugs arrived this morning.

                                                We finished installing the electric fuel pump, an all the plumbing for the carbs. We primed the carbs, my brother set the chokes, fired right-up.

                                                Shut down immediately, he just wanted to make sure he had the trigger wheel in it's correct position, it was. That was the goal.

                                                After the HUGE smiles, we finished installing the radiator, an all the associated hoses.

                                                Before we called it the night, we finished the throttle linkage. My brother (John) fixed what I called a "wink link", he devised a nice way to secure the throttle cable down by the foot box. We're gonna put a "barrel clap" on, then trim back the excess throttle cable.

                                                Punch list is getting shorter, should be driving down to the muffler shop by 11:am. "SoCal Vintage" does not look good for this weekend for me. But if I. can get a couple of hours of testing, I may leave early Saturday morning. Looks like a 5-hour drive.

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                                                  DOES ANYONE KNOW how to sign up on line for the SoCal Vintage BMW event... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                  DOES ANYONE KNOW how to sign up (on-line) for the SoCal Vintage BMW event WITHOUT being charged the "LATE" Fee, when it's BEFORE the 31st cut-off point? When I go to check out (and one place on my account info) I am being charged, yet when I go to the info in my profile, it says that I AM NOT being assessed with a fee but I haven't paid yet...

                                                  Can ANYONE help? Or are the organizer's just coming up with a "FOOL-proof" way of getting extra money from us?

                                                  TIA, if anyone can help.


                                                  Davi d Matthew

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                                                    Photos from Ben Roadcap's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                    Test fit today, there's going to have to be cutting and BFH-ing obviously. But I dig this twin scroll manifold, puts the turbo in it's own little corner and gives good access to plugs and rad hoses.

                                                    Qs for fellow M10 boosters:

                                                    -What's your radiator of choice? Maybe a mishimoto for a civic?

                                                    -Anyone brave enough to be running cast flat tops at 10-12 lbs??? Heheh

                                                    -Anyone have any EDIS/MS build threads that still work? All the good links got deleted!?

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                                                      Photos from Garry Summers's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                      So I was just driving along hittin the throttle and the connector rod popped right off. When I got under the hood I found I had lost the BMW funky little spring clip. Luckily my teenage daughter was with me so we used a hair scrunchies to hold it together to get home.

                                                      When I got home I drilled for cotter pins top and bottom, added washers to eliminate side play, added liberal grease and it felt much better.

                                                      Still thinking I could do better I added the Stainless Steel Hiem joint connector rod, nice bling factor and improved pedal feel for sure

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                                                        1973 BMW 2002 roundie — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                        I have a 1973 BMW 2002 roundie that I bought for a restoration project but ended up finding another one that needed less work for what I wanted to do. It's an automatic with white exterior and blue interior. Mileage is about 10,600 km. It's a base model so nothing special. It currently does not run because the starter motor is burnt out. The carburetor and ignigtion also a little rough. Other than that, it will run fine. There are a couple cosmetic rough spots in the interior but nothing that bad. Paint is in pretty good condition with slight cracking around some of the chrome trim and engine bay. Price is $4000 OBO. I need to get rid of it to make space so please only reply with serious offers.

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                                                          Photos from Niels Werring's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                          I need a bit of advice... Have a 1974 2002Lux Automatic. It's more or less stock, but I have startet to tinker in the engine bay.. I bought a fancy injection kit from the States, but it had way to many wires and electronic bits, so I put it on the shelf.. What to do now. Any ideas? I would need a complete intake, carb/s, radiator, ignition etc etc. Remember this is an automatic, so I need something that accepts the kickdown wire..


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                                                            Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                            So, I'm talking to my adviser (Le Tran), he needs the part on the front of the cam that drives the distributor. When I did the distributor delete, thinking it would do no harm being left that part in place, I decided last night to pull it off, so I could send it to Le.

                                                            As I'm removing the 2nd bolt, I drop a washer, it falls somewhere along the timing chain.

                                                            YEP, it's gone. Sooooo pissed at myself, I'm a mess. I could not believe what I just did.

                                                            I could not take it anymore, I went into the garage at 5:am, to see if I could fetch the missing washer. Lucky for ME, I had the motor on the engine stand. I drained the oil, left the valve cover in place, rolled the motor over, and wished for luck that when I rolled it over, the washer would drop down.

                                                            When I pulled the valve cover off, look what I found. I think today is going to be a GREAT day.

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                                                              It kills me to do this but it s time to sell my trusty 02 I ve owned it since... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                              It kills me to do this, but it's time to sell my trusty '02. I've owned it since 1990 & it's the most reliable car I've ever owned. Improvements include Bilsteins all around, Weber 32/36, Pertronix, new clutch/transmission, rear wheel bearings/springs, new brakes, rad, water pump, E12 head, etc, etc....have all kinds of spares as well. This car has participated in the Spring Thaw rally six times and never missed a beat. Not a project car or garage queen, but a well sorted, strong running 2002 with plenty of life left in it....It's in Canada, but getting it into the States is straightforward. Asking $10,000 (US)

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                                                                Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                Things are getting closer with sourcing the parts I need to complete my S14 build.

                                                                Gaskets from Turner Motorsports came in on Tuesday for the adapter that's will attach to the head. (The gaskets are not available through BMW, WEIRD).

                                                                44mm round-slide motorcycle carbs and my order exhaust gaskets and rubber o-rings from BMW Monterey came in yesterday

                                                                The silicone house kit came in today

                                                                Trigger wheel and sensor should be here tomorrow

                                                                The Tii lightened flywheel should be here the beginning of next week

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                                                                  Photos from Doug Riparetti's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                  Starting the prep work for the S14 installation. I got the intake off so I could start with the fabrication on the adapters to bolt the M10 side-draft manifolds to the S14 head. The photo with the "Lynx Manifold" was just for me to go through the thought process on how I want this to adapt.

                                                                  Took the valve cover, and the water manifold over to Hollister Tuesday to get powder coated.

                                                                  I stop off at a friends house in San Jose yeaterday to pick-up a intake manifold for the mock up. From there I went up to South San Francisco to drop off the header to get it ceramic coated.

                                                                  I'll be putting on (4) brand new 44mm Mikuni round slide motorcycle carbs, keeping with the same theme with the M10 I'm runnin in my car.

                                                                  The motor will not be installed until after the "SoCal Vintage BMW" gathering in October

                                                                  I do have some parts for sale, the G245 transmission with the E30 sensors that welded to the transmission, an all the fuel injection parts.

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                                                                    Need some help put my new coil cap and rotor in and still no spark I m... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                    Need some help, put my new coil, cap, and rotor in and still no spark. I'm figuring the wiring isn't quite right. This is an e21 m10 in a 68 1600.

                                                                    Left side is neg. Has the black wire from distributor.

                                                                    Right side is positive. Has dark green wire which is 12v when ignition on. Light green wire which goes to the carb. And yellow from distributor. What am I missing?

                                                                    Thanks in advance!

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                                                                      Alright guys lets talk about the crankcase vent on the M10 valve covers — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                      Alright guys, lets talk about the crankcase vent on the M10 valve covers. I'm looking to reduce the oil consumption at high rev by extending the oil filler neck, adding some baffles in the extension and plumbing to a catch can from above said baffles. Then block off the standard vent location. Anyone have any pics/experience/thoughts on the plan? I know it's been done before but I can't seem to dig up any pics on the FAQ.

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                                                                        10.5:1 CR Pistons For 121 Head, 90mm Bore — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                        Hi Everyone -

                                                                        I'd like to get rid of these pistons. I'm doing a build for my 2002 but ended up using an E21 head and, therefore, got a different set of pistons. These are a set of Ireland Engineering's cast pistons manufactured to have a 10.5:1 compression ratio and have a 90mm bore. I have never used these or even taken them out of the plastic, as you can see. I have a set of piston rings as well, and can include spec sheets or you can email Ireland for them.

                                                                        Price DOES NOT include shipping. Expect $15-20 in shipping cost.

                                                                        Thank you!

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                                                                          Hey guys looking for your advice I have this problem on my race car — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                          Hey guys, looking for your advice, I have this problem on my race car.

                                                                          When it reaches 4k rpm the voltage goes down, so low that the spark is bad and it starts to misfire. The car was stored and not started since december, back then it worked fine.

                                                                          The alternator is an ac delco which I removed because of this problem, we opened it and found a cracked welding, we welded it again and when tested in a bench it worked fine there last week. Today I reinstalled it and did the same thing. So I'm a little lost because it worked fine when not in the car.

                                                                          The other thing is that the battery is almost dead, could it be the cause of this?


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                                                                            When my motor came back from the machine shop I started looking for a few hard... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                            When my motor came back from the machine shop I started looking for a few hard to find items, a Tii water pump which I found a last one in Germany.

                                                                            An Oil Pump. I was told they were unobtainaium but Ireland Engineering showed the 320i new body as available.

                                                                            I called on Monday to check stock and was told they had "lots of them", well Thursday rolled up and I asked them to pull one for me to pick up. I actually called Monday for shipping instead and was told "boy are you lucky, this is the last one......."


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                                                                              Hi — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge


                                                                              I have noticed recently at night over bumps the lights flicker as there is not a good contact somewhere. After long chase I believe the problem is with the plastic plug into the alternator. One of the wires is almost melted and the metal clip doesn't hold this connector in place properly. Does anyone have a part number for this connector? Is it 2002 specific? Thank you.

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                                                                                Hey all anyone got an e30 subframe in there 02 I need a medium case diff to... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                Hey all, anyone got an e30 subframe in there 02? I need a medium case diff to handle the power. What are your guys' solutions? E30 is wider, but it looks as if you can take 02 mounts and weld them to backside of e30 subframe and possibly mount it up. Would need custom spring rate and new spring perch since geometry is different.

                                                                                Thoughts? Benefits would be substantial! Stronger hubs, extra track width, disc conversion, stronger TA's, more robust, easier replacements found. Parking brake adaptability.

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                                                                                  need some help finding info and this seemed like a good place to ask When on... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                  need some help finding info, and this seemed like a good place to ask. When on track, I run Hoosier R35A tires, 22 x 8 on a 13 x 8 rims. I've had several sets because they are super cheap online, and they are loads of fun. Last time I was at the track the Hoosier guys were there with their truck, fitting tires and setting pressures, etc. I asked them what pressure they recommended for my car, and those tires. They had an absolute FIT. They said my car was too heavy for those tires, and they were not allowed to give me advice other than I needed to switch to their $300/per tire Hoosier DOT radial track tires. (I pay $100 for a set of 4 of the R35A bias ply slicks.) So, my question is this: what is the actual suggest weight limit for these R35A tires? Am I actually over the suggested weight limit, and if so by how much? I can't find any specs for these tires anywhere.

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                                                                                    Looking for opinions on heat and noise reduction products for the inside and... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                    Looking for opinions on heat and noise reduction products for the inside and underside of the floor pans, firewall, rear bulkhead, under roof skin and inside the doors. I have been researching spray-in bed liner type products like Lizard Skin, Eastwood Heat & Sound Barrier coating and Al's HNR. I have to admit, I'm not fond of the approach that puts more tar mats under foot. Seems like it would simply restart the 40yr-watertrap-floor_pan-rust_out process all over again.

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                                                                                      I built this for my Dad in 1989. He just passed away and left it to me — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                      I built this for my Dad in 1989. He just passed away and left it to me. It has a 2.3L engine. 121 head. Oversize valves. Titanium rods with Arias Pistons. Schrick 336 cam. 5sp with aluminum flywheel and pressure plate. 45mm sided raft Webers. Stahl header. Tii struts and rear trailing arms. Vented rotors up front and 320i drums in the rear. Bilsteins and adjustable swaybars.

                                                                                      It's fast. It's light. It's a blast to drive. When I built it in the late 80s, it was state of the art mods for the old 02. Who knew they would be collectible today. I put a late NOS nose on it back in89 when I built it because the original had a little bit of rust in it. I liked the later grill back then. It's a round taillight 02 with a late nose now. Oh well. I think I'm going to turn it into a vintage racecar.

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                                                                                        Photos from Ian Dickerson's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                        Continuing with the 2002 roll cage, I want to drive this car on the street as well as the track, and I wanted to minimize potential of hitting my head on any of the bars. In addition to making the cage as tight as possible to the interior, and setting the main hoop back behind my seat (in plane with the rear seat support), I elected not to include a diagonal in the roof halo of the A-pillar bars and the main hoop, since this would pass over my head. However, I did want to stiffen up the halo, so we installed saddle gussets in all the corners. Here is a pic of the bar which runs across the top of the windshield, connecting the left and right A-pillar bars. We used a small gusset in the vertical plane at the front, and a large gusset in the horizontal plane at the rear.

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                                                                                          Photos from Ian Dickerson's post — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                          For a couple of years I've been working on a roll cage for my 2002, which I use for track days and for weekend drives. I wanted to design it and bend it myself, and I finally got a design I like, and last weekend I (finally) got started on the welding. A huge thanks to my good friend Jimmy Fitzmaurice of JR Fitzy Welding and Fabrication for helping with the welding. While I have worked myself up to a strong mediocre welder, the thought of staring at my welds in the roll cage for the next 20 years was unpleasant. My welds are strong and get good penetration under optimal conditions, but they alternate between looking pretty and looking like something that resulted from an over-caffeinated chicken. In contrast, Jim's welds are gorgeous all day, no matter the contortions required to get access to the weld. We needed access to the top of the cage, and the A-pillar tubes were located on the rockers, and I didn't want to cut that source of strength. Instead, we cut holes in the sheet metal under the main hoop and tipped the cage backwards, to completely weld the tops of the tubes with my MIG welder. And by "we" I mean Jim. I prepped the tubes and tacked, and admired Jim's work :).

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                                                                                            Has anyone here used an aftermarket chassis harness in their 02 Or know where... — BMW 2002 Modifier s Lounge

                                                                                            Has anyone here used an aftermarket chassis harness in their 02? Or know where to find an OEM chassis harness new? All I can find are engine harnesses, which I don't need. I used a painless wiring kit on my Torino, but I didn't like the universality of it.

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