Best tune for the money after header install. Need some opinions

Best tune for the money after header install? Need some opinions!

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  • Actually they are they're so good M5 board (same ecu family) kicked them off their forum cause they realized how much they were making off them cause all the forum members loved them and had group buys every month

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  • I'm jailbreak consumer for my E39 M5 but if I did all over again, frank smith tuning because he is cheaper with dyno and tuning

  • How is your tune so far, run anyone comparable?

    Any misfires, CEL?

  • No misfiring, and haven't had a CEL for almost a year.

  • Yeah thats what mines got its like 50whp on 94. I shat on a stock E46.

  • My TPS are busted bit im thinking its b/c they ran the harness against the oil filter housing.

  • Since I'm not fun the area were Frank smith is located.. How does that remote tuning work? As far as tuning my car and getting it dynoed

  • He will send u a cable for the Obd and U have to data log idle a pull on second and third gear etc and then send the file to Frank. Then he will send u one with a tune and u uploaded to ur DME

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  • We are local and we tune as well.