Been looking to order an intercooler for my 335i Im going hybrid aiming for...

Been looking to order an intercooler for my 335i. Im going hybrid & aiming for the 500hp mark.

So far i have the 3" evolve downpipes, bms dci's & the next part is the intercooler. What intercoolers are you lot running that will handle that power? Ive looked at the vrsf but im looking for one around £300-£500 ( $370 - $550)

Preferably under £400.

Ive noticed the ones in the us are better priced but the shipping & import costs bring them up. Is there companys that will help me dodge the import costs?

Thanks in advance

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  • Im on the same page right now, looking at cobb fmic

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  • Are they well priced ? Everything in the us is alot cheaper than the uk. Its the import charges that are a nightmare. Ive heard of a few companys that will help avoid them by saying its a return or 2nd hand part but trying to find these companys are the problem lol

  • Vrsf 7"

  • Oh shit didnt notice your in the uk.. im in canada shipping and tax kills us too but i dont think as bad as you guys but ya i the cobb goes for 589 us , bms has a phoenix racine one for like 300 aswell, tony from vargas turbo recommended that one when we spoke about turbos yesterday

  • Ill look into them mate, yeah the tax & shipping is a nightmare

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  • What about the big Tom intercooler I think it's outta Europe