FS: Bimmerworld Solid Race Shifter — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

I have a Bimerworld Solid Race Shifter that I am selling. GREAT piece of gear, but I have sold my car and have no use for it now.

Over $550 landed, so grab bargain.

Very well made and easy to fit, and makes shifting feel very precise.

Pick up from Taren Point or can post Australia wide at buyers cost

Further info below

The BimmerWorld Solid Race Shifter was originally created for our World Challenge Touring Cars to provide the direct feel and accuracy required to shift the BMW Motorsport dog-box transmissions we were running. These transmissions had a very tight gear pattern and a direct feel was critical to ensure proper gear selection. Additionally, this shifter lever was constructed from heavy stainless rod and was the only piece that withstood the amount of force required to get these dog-boxes into gear. The simplistic design eliminates the factory shifter carrier for an incredibly direct feel with minimal translation and slop that additional and unnecessary parts tend to add.

We are now producing these shifters for your track-oriented BMW. Due to the very direct and notchy feel that makes this shifter excellent for precision track use, we recommend using BimmerWorld E36/E46 Performance/Track Engine Mounts in conjunction with Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts, or our BimmerWorld 3 Series Solid Engine/Transmission Mounts.

This Solid Race Shifter includes a CNC machined shifter plate with oversized spherical bearing movement, a solid rod shift lever, and all necessary hardware - use with your existing stock selector rod (not an aftermarket double-shear version!). Note: Installation will require drilling 4 holes in your chassis to mount the shifter plate.

Fits all E36/E46 3-Series and Z3/Z4. Contact us for more applications.

True race-derived quality

Simple and heavy-duty design

Solid-mounted for precise shifting and zero slop

Fitment for E36, E46, E82, E90,Z3 and Z4

Made in the USA

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Hey Guys — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

Hey Guys,

Just wanting confirmation on something,

A faulty 'detent' spring is the common culprit of a delayed shift (2-3 seconds) under 70-100% throttle between say '2-3' an '3-4'?

Went for a sneaky overtake on a highway on ramp and nearly embarrassed myself last night.

Also, anywhere in QLD to purchase that part as well as a new constant pressure valve or is it best through the American sites?

Thanks in advance.

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    Well everyone hats off to Stace Zossimas this bloke is a legend 288 280 schrick... — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

    Well everyone hats off to Stace Zossimas this bloke is a legend 288/280 schrick cams in and running he made it look too easy thanks bud. Now the engine is adapting she purrs like a kitten but let me tell you gone are the days big cams sacrificed low end tourque. When you go with a carbon airbox you might come accoss loss of low end torque but these cams fix all that up and more thanks to precise vanos tuning the car pulls like a train from as low as 2500rpm to 8200rpm the exhaust note is deeper but the intake

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      Photos from Adin Livnjak's post — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

      Seeking advice on Value: (this is not a FS advert)

      2003 factory manual

      Individual Estoril Blue



      Subfram e plated

      KW V3

      Genuine CS wheels (just been refinished)

      Almost new AD08R tyres (235/265)

      Genuine CSL boot and centre console

      Supersprint Lightweight Race muffler

      I'd love to hear opinions on value as is and if I return to stock.

      Toying with idea of trying a 1M maybe but want to see what mine is approx worth...

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        Photos from Cristian Silva's post — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

        Hey peeps, probably seen the new rear diffuser I've made on the M club page but as I'm getting some interest/requests in getting some made up/ordered I'll post it here as it's only for the 46 fitted and designed to suit with the CSL rear diffuser.

        Details as follows,

        Balsa wood core, fibreglass with cf reinforcements. Painted black and clear coated.

        materials I've worked out to be around $350 give or take, and around 2 weeks time/labour (80hrs) give or take.

        For those interested in placing an order total cost for me to re make more will be 3.2k.

        Sound like a lot of $$ but it's just takes a lot of time to build and if I'm gonna build more it's gotta be worth my while and time spent considering this is an original design where nothing like this is on the market and those available don't fit/suit the 46 very well imo....and fetch up to 3.5k.

        So if your interested send me a message, I'm willing to lower the cost if I get multiple orders.

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          Just a quick post to say thanks to stace — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

          Just a quick post to say thanks to stace.

          My m3 had smg cog light coming on in the heat and car dropping out of gear into neutral. Ran it by with stace he knew what the problem was straight away. Rebuilt the smg pump and a few other things. Took the car out on the weekend for a spirited drive with the ///M club and did not get another fault. Gear changes are alot better as it feels like it wants to actually engage gears now.Anyone having the same issue i would 100% recommend taking your car to stace. Legend of a bloke and great pricing with a quick turn around on the job. Thanks mate a true lifesaver.

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            Photos from Cayn Plotkin's post — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

            Is this common on the Redish plates?

            Order a set a couple weeks ago.

            There's edge relief circles for the plate bending but the bend isn't centred, one bend is done with a vice and isn't centred either and has distorted the steel. Bends are inconsistent radius's, clearly not done with a brake press.

            Designs not bad but I'm surprised they didn't get them CNC bent.

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              Hey guys if any of you haven t tuned your M3 yet I do Evolve tunes Stage 1... — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

              Hey guys if any of you haven't tuned your M3 yet I do Evolve tunes Stage 1 using a stock car, Alpha N for airbox cars and full Csl Dme tuned to allow Map sensor and air flap to function also do Csl shifting programming and the right way not like TTFS I do the smg ecu aswell contact me for more details :)

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                Hey guys if anyone of you are experiencing smg neutral drop outs no start... — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                Hey guys if anyone of you are experiencing smg neutral drop outs, no start condition due to smg or cog light staying on with run on time error code the good news is you don't need to worry about 2nd hand smg pumps that could fail in short time or buying brand new units that exceed the cost of nearly 6k alone I can fully rebuild your existing pump with brand new pump motors and seals,temp sensors at a very good price fitted. Contact me for more details or call my workshop on 02 9519 3858 ask for Stace at Metro Service Centre.

                Do you get i.a. following codes stored in your error memory?

                53 (0x35) low level of pressure reached HE

                55 (0x37) Switching-on frequency of hydraulic unit

                56 (0x38) Switching-on time of hydraulic unit

                57 (0x39) Misuse of hydraulic unit

                All these codes relate to either a completey gone or near gone pump :)

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                  BMW E46 M3 CSL Wheels - Full set Brand New in boxes — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                  Hi all

                  After a long wait i finally have another set in stock

                  1x Full set of Genuine Brand NEW rare E46 M3 CSL wheels BRAND NEW

                  This is also my last full set

                  Send me a PM for further information

                  & most importantly dont confuse the CS wheels with the CSL wheels

                  The CSL wheels have a wider track in the front with a more aggressive offset

                  9.5inch wide in the rear and 8.5 inch in the front

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                    Gecko Coilover — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                    Gecko Racing Coilover !

                    ‧ G-street / 850USD include shipping

                    It comes with 24-clicks adjustable damping and the shock body is height adjustable, Monotube in design which gives more strength and larger piston for better damping control.

                    ‧ G-Racing / 1000USD include shipping

                    It comes with 32-clicks adjustable damping. Shock body is height adjustable, and firmer rate springs. Ideal for those focusing on Circuit, Drifting and Tarmac Rally

                    We are currently looking for more dealers for Gecko Suspension

                    (Requirements: Must have workshop to install and sell suspension and car parts )

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                      Has anyone here done the 996 4 pot brake update I bought the turbo setup and... — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                      Has anyone here done the 996 4 pot brake update? I bought the turbo setup and just realised after reading the part numbers that I can use the fronts w/rallyroad brackets and the required machining. Just want to know until I sort out a pair for the rear can I go ahead and get the fronts installed? would the balance be totally out of wack? Thanks.

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                        Photos from Maher Hariz's post — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                        Launching our E46 SSK Today!

                        The RTD Non-locking / Solid Short Shifter Kit.

                        A first of its kind in the World that fits an OEM Setup.

                        First! We want to thank Everyone who trust our products and capabilities and already Pre-Ordered this shifter before Launching!

                        Below are some specs describing our kit:

                        -Solid means it has a Torsion Spring that gives a better feedback and a solid feeling while changing columns!

                        -No need for Console Trimming!

                        -Fits on the OEM tunnel's holes!

                        Tested it this week on an E46, and Everything was Going Perfectly after a small improvement on the Mechanism!

                        Our Shifters has a Full Warranty for One Year!

                        Drop us an email for your purchase!


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                          FastM.com — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                          Hi all,

                          Is anyone in Perth able to do coding? I installed Umnitza V2 angel eyes last night. Wired them into the ECU etc so they are always on. However, I now receive a "bulb out error message" on the dash due to no park lights. I'm not sure if I haven't done something correctly.

                          Can someone code this error message out?

                          I followed the http://www.fastm.com/m3/angeleyes_orionv2.html install guide to a tee.

                          Any help is appreciated.


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                            Has anyone had the orange engine light come on I ve check the manual and it... — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                            Has anyone had the orange engine light come on, I've check the manual and it says this In the owners handbook it decribes the fault/warning as Deterioration of exaust emission values, and recommends a visit to the stealer,

                            i noticed no loss of performance, engine ticking over fine ect....

                            If anyone has had this issue, whats the repair likely to cost?

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                              Photos from Lincoln Stevens's post — Australian BMW E46 M3 Owners Group

                              Hi guys,

                              This post is for all the E46 M3 owners who purchased one of my JLL Intake Kits.

                              It has been brought to my attention that the wires/plug that goes to the heater control valve, which is located under the plastic intake pipe, (see pic) can actually touch the underside of the intake pipe in some cases, and in fact rub through and bare the wires. My sincere apologies for this oversight, I did not even see it on my own car.

                              So, I thought I would make a short video to show you the fix for this oversight. You will see that the video stops just as I'm about to put the intake kit back in, but it does show all of the fix.

                              It may even be possible to find a right angle plug to put in place of the current plug and leave the heater control valve unit in its original place, but this is the way I went and it gives it plenty of clearance now.

                              This is only about a 10 minute job but I do apologise for the inconvienence.

                              Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

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