Anyone tried the Hawk HPS brake pads on their i3 Do they make a significant...

Anyone tried the Hawk HPS brake pads on their i3? Do they make a significant difference? I warped my front discs and I'm looking for something better then the stock pads as I know it'll happen again under severe braking. The stock brakes are horrible!

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  • You use your brakes?

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  • Why pay for them if you can get them for free from the dealer? Schedule an appointment, let them assess if they are indeed in need of replacement.

  • Sorry to see someone here feeling the need to use terms like 'idiot' and making assumptions like 'sounds like you just like to waste energy', when disagreeing with someone, rather than doing it in a civil, adult manner. Not great for the atmosphere in this group...

  • OK, I've read this twice, and I still don't know what the issue is. All I got from it was "I said warped, but I didn't mean warped...something about deposits... blah blah..."

    All I know is the only deposits I ever see on my brake rotors are rust from non-use. I've done several emergency stops, and the brakes perform normally, no "deposits", no warpage (and I know warpage).

  • I don't use the brakes. I have rusty deposits. When I did need an emergency stop due to someone not giving way it stopped on a dime. Very impressed.

  • I had brake issue as well. My i3 would have pulsating brake pedal/steering wheel when I pushed the brakes and sometimes even during regen as well. I did not use/abuse the brakes on the car, as I have mainly used regen and no emergency braking as far as I can remember. I've had my i3 for 5months and it just hit 15K miles.

    Dealer replaced front brake pads/rotors and stated that this is because I have hardly used the brakes and I should use brakes more often.

    None of it made sense to me...but hey, I got new brakes and rotors :)

  • ^ wow, impressive miles in a short amount of time. Agreed, take the car to the dealer for a proper assessment of if the car actually needs brakes or not. If the disc's are warped only swapping pads will not solve the problem. Disc's and pads will need to be replaced, much more expensive than just pads.

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