Anyone know where I can get an official copy of the T C s for OCwF My evil...

Anyone know where I can get an official copy of the T&C's for OCwF? My evil genius has concocted a way to have my cake and eat it, too. Need to verify something, though.

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  • I shall now play the Devo song "Freedom of Choice" :)

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  • Bob, can I call you Eeyore? :-)

  • John Higham, I love the concept, I should have said that first. It is beautifully subversive. OC+F is intended to be complex and opaque so that the advantage remains with BMW. But to use that complexity to an advantage is a master stroke. I will stick with my perhaps gloomy outlook though. This will not bring happiness. Just buy it and drive it into the ground. That's what I plan to do.

  • No worries, Bob! (queue Bobby Ferrin Don't Worry, Be Happy)

  • Queue up Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction :)

  • No - cue up The Spokesmen - Dawn of Correction

  • Manny - can you please set up the GTM as an event so if someone misses the announcement in this thread they will still know when it is happening

  • Anthony will do.

  • would be in mini +down payment

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  • Joanne :)