Anyone had alloy pitting on their engine casing I m aware there was an issue...

Anyone had alloy 'pitting' on their engine casing? I'm aware there was an issue on the 1200 boxer engine as my friend had a complete new engine fitted within 12 months of purchase ! Only problem for me is 2/3 weeks out of warrenty now so dealer says would be a 'good will ' gesture if they BMW decide to do anything. My argument would be the pitting would have started to develop well b4 the warrenty ran out ...and fault was there in warrenty.

Looks like im in for a battle do you think?

Anyone got similar problem??

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  • When my water pump went it was 6 weeks out warranty and BMW covered it because I had a full service history. Had your machine always been serviced by BMW? If it has they might well cover some/all of it they are better than most when it comes to warranty ....sometimes!