Any 320d e90 owners In here

Any 320d e90 owners In here??

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  • Oh yeah haha

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  • What kind of glitch?

  • Some reason on way home from work my cd (which is not scratched at all) started jumping, then player switched itself off, then on, then went to radio, then back to cd and done this a few times even though I ejected the cd when it's started... and was having a right little to-do by itself.... any ideas?

  • Never had a car do it before haha normally it either worked or it didn't... none of this yo-yo ing between different media's

  • Was almost like a wire was loose and connection to electrics was funny but then it worked fine so assuming it can't be a loose wire as done this whilst on straight road doing 10mph- 30mph in traffic...

  • Strange, ive had my e90 for 4 years now and thats never happened but its rare i have a cd in to be honest. The problem i have with mine is the display on the stereo is knackered, like the display is going

  • Hmmmm display disappeared when was doing this.... like literally like it turned itself off, turned back on to radio, turned off to back on to cd back off to on aux, back off to radio etc etc... really weird..... first time she's done it :/

  • Have you unplugged battery or removed radio recently?

  • Nope... not touched nothing electrical :/

  • Me , not happens yet. Maybe it's bumble bee?

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