Another dumb i3 charging question would it be feasible to siamese an EVSE so...

Another dumb i3 charging question: would it be feasible to "siamese" an EVSE so that two EVs could be charged, either together or sequentially, without running out to the driveway in pajamas to switch the plug? Why not just get two EVSEs you say? Well, my EVSE is a 70amp unit in order to charge a car with dual chargers. I don't think I have enough room in my panel for another 40amp breaker.

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  • Chargepoint has the CT4000 for this (very expensive). I've heard that Clipper Creek is working on a solution as well. Personally I'd go with the OpenEVSE route that Andrew linked to above.

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  • That is the coolest idea about EVs I have read in a long time.

  • John, Hydra or CT4000?

  • Being able to hook 2 EVs together or to one charger.

  • Yes, this has come up before, but not many good options existed. It makes perfect sense to utilize charging infrastructure better.

  • How about a predatory option? You sort of cozy up next to another EV, sneakily attach your cord and pull out its charge? Anyone thought of that yet?

  • Yes, the eBox had a peer-to-peer charging option. Regular EVs do not allow it or the equipment does not exist. It would be tough to do without consent, but you never know ;-)

  • Do an EVSEUpgrade or something similar where the charger itself only offers 16A to the car. If you have an electrical handyman or electrician friend, buy them some scotch or Fosters (after, not before doiung the wiring :) ) point them to the EVSEUpgrade (someallow the USER to set the current - Yeah!) site or some of the Clipper Creek home units. You could use a time switch or if you can set the 70A to do say 55A that would leave rioom for a tiny subpanel with a 90A for the Tesla charger dialed down and 20A for a 16A level 2. You could also consdier a time switch between your clothes fryer (typo - yes, but I like the mistake) and the 16A or even 30A EVSE. Or an electric oven or cooktop - the idea is to time share by timer switch (Intermatic, etc) some other 20, 30 or 40A circuit in the house. Code can be an issue because electrical code in some respects is stuck in the paleozoic era and doesn't understand that a time switch on an EV charger is a logical thing to do given the alternatives of being cost prohibtive or spending thousands of dollars for alternatives.... Do this with some one local skilled in the art of safe but rational electrical wiring!

  • Excellent suggestions Mike. I think I could share the circuit between two EVSEs. That way I could get a second full sized one. Best time to charge is from 11pm to 7am, so I would get 4 hours each. IOW, plenty.

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  • Brilliant.