Alright fellas i need some expertise on a swap I have looked at a ton of...

Alright fellas i need some expertise on a swap. I have looked at a ton of forums but all i have found are the "if it were me" answers. I need a solid answer from someone who has experience. About 2 days ago on my way home from work my cars temp shot up and my coolant reservoir exploded as i was parking the car. I let it cool down and replaced the reservoir only to find out my oil looks like chocolate milk now. Being as how my head gasket is blown i have two choices. Fresh head and gaskets and studs or motor swap. After shopping around it seems like they will cost me about the same amount. Ive been looking at M52B28 swaps and want to know what requirements are necessary to get it into a 98 323is. Do i need the ECU and Harness from the 328is or do i just have to re flash the the current ecu? also what about the ews? does it need to be transferred as well? Do the alt,ac compressor and starter from the 323 just bolt onto the 328? any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Coming from the person that has done a ton of engines in these it'll be cheaper to do the head rather than deal with the nightmare of mismatching parts to make it work. The 323is doesn't run primary o2 sensors, all other sensors are the same along with components. If you want to swap an m52 you must run the dme from an m52 or reflash it to that. That part is straight forward. If you are looking for a shop to do the head or engine swap pm me we do them all the time.

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  • Cylinder head over engine swap.

  • i figured that would be the case, ive had the head gasket on the car redone once already with a fresh head (bought it with blown hg). lasted me about a year, not sure what caused it to overheat this time ill have to do some diagnostics on the car. I was hoping to get a motor with a lil more umph but it sounds like a hastle. Fresh head sounds like the plan then, i was considering arp studs and a cometic hg what do you guys think? its my dd but someday id like to take it to the track for fun. I guess i should have the internals in the block inspected as well..cast iron block should be fine but idk about piston rings. I should also prbly look for an m3 mid pipe with cats and an m50 manifold so i can free it up a bit.

  • Take rotating assembly crank rods pistons from a 2001 to 2005 330i or530i that will make your block into a 3 L and you take the cam with tray and lifters intake side and you basically have a clone S50 230-240hp you can pull the parts from a car in a salvage yard cost around $ 250.00 for everything not bad for all stock BMW parts

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  • Ben Hicks re flash my e28 lol