Almost finished bike for the trade show at Brno

Almost finished bike - for the trade show at Brno..

We will do bit more work on the steering angles (what will need to move tank a bit backward) and probably swap springs in the forks (until will be available something totally better inside). Bike gain quite a lot of attention at the show, many people think it looks better then 1200GS LC what we display directly next to it on the show.

As you can see, we are using different upper fairing part, instead of smoked plastic - customer wanted kevlar windshield for hardcore offroad riding as the smoked macrolon is very easy to scratch in the bushes, so he can swap it whenever required onroad-offroad.

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  • Great looking bike, congrats! Did you use the F800GS fork?

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  • Yes, F800GS front end.

  • great job ! congrats ! and yes it looks better than the LC ! nice Touratech parts !

  • bellissima....great...

  • Marco: customer just wanted to use BMW crashbar and few parts were already on the bike as he delivered it and he disagreed to swap it (like extension of the engine sumpguard on centrestand for example). Those parts are not from Touratech. I would personally add also the side panels under seat to cover the rear subframe (have it on my bike and like it) and I would also swap those stock handlebars for tappered type. Customer want to keep original :( It´s very heavy, but it´s his bike. I think we will paint the stock cover on the top of the headlights to white (now is stock silver) and maybe it will need new seat. Most important technical part for the near future will be cartridges for the front forks. Stock BMW from F800GS is not perfect at all. And maybe we will do the hard work to swap the original warning light cluster for LED diode version, what suppose to be next to IMO (you can see the hole in the backplate for it). It´s quite hard work on GSA as there is no ready to fit cable - only for GS, not GSA. I think, you can stil recognise that it´s GS bike.

  • I love the weight loss and design .......... great work !

  • What Navsystem is this???

  • It does actually look (much) better than the 1200 LC... (which is not very difficult, ahah...)

    Everything seems to be cleaverly and properly made...and the result is awesome.

    The bike looks a little bit like a Paris-Dakar factory bike, from the good old days...

    One more time : congratulations !

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  • Boris: it's special offroadnavi x710 modified for tt-cz. It's raster+vector gps, tripmaster and electronic roadbook at one 7" device.