All e32s were R12 AC compressors right

All e32s were R12 AC compressors right?

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  • The plot thickens...

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  • Also you should be able to tell by the high and low pressure fittings. R134 are different than r12 so they can't be mixed

  • Ive got 1990 735 and r12 system :-(

  • Really really thickening.

  • I'll have to do a manual inspection in the morning. Thanks everyone.

  • OK, I'm out. :( Seems my knowledge about E32 AC systems just converged to Zero :)

  • My 92 735 is r12

  • I don't know if the compressors are actually different, I do know both systems will work with r134a if you just add adaptors to the service connections. If you are filling up with a different type gas it is always a good idea to change the dryer filter

  • And I believe that the type of system also depends on which market the car was made for.

  • If i fill R12 system with r134a it will not damage seal?

  • No, the main difference is the lubricant. They differ with the gas, but you can use an additive that allows them to mix and be less harsh on the o-rings. My refrigerant guy who works with all kinds of ac systems said that these kinds of problems are rare ☺

  • Great, thanks for info

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  • In the US the switch from R12 to R134 was in 1994. The last E32 was built in 1994 but I am not sure if the 1994 E32s have R134 they may have waited till the E38s came out.since car are generally built before the model year