A thermostat post. which you all seem to love

A thermostat post.. which you all seem to love

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  • Hello i hawe 520d replace both thermostats but to up till 86 87

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  • See the other replies pal, third thermostat possibly

  • Why the hell do these eat thermostats

  • To confuse owners and generally piss them off

  • Piss poor design...Ive never had to replace a stat until this car and I've had all sorts of cars too 500hp

  • They are a pain in the arse!! Only getting 67. Going in on Friday to get both stats changed. I didn't even know they had a 3rd one

  • 99% of the time the main two sort it. Only in extreme cases is it the gearbox cooler which only the Auto's will have.

  • Mines is a 2008 lci auto. I hope to fook the two do cure it. 1st problem I've had in 2 years of owning it though.

  • Looks quality though!

  • Aye it's a nice one. But when things like this go wrong u question going back to petrol. And I do miss the sound of a petrol. Thinking about a 335i coupe next i think.

  • I like the 135i for some reason too

  • Very quick. Although the e60 is a touch of class. Easily the comfiest car I've had, just seems a lot can go wrong. I thought getting an lci with low miles would lower my chances of the usual niggly problems. And it happened on the way to the mot station yesterday morning

  • Yeah I had the e46 before this and it's poor compared to this, so many small problems to fix but the car itself is an animal!

  • Never had an e46 but did have a lot of e36's... loved them, still my fav model.

  • Will the thermostats effect mpg? My pre lci 530 is w**k on mpg. Low 20's at best

  • Definitely, if the car thinks the engine is cold then it'll chuck more fuel in. You should be seeing 30's at least surely

  • That's what I thought. I think I'm averaging 22/23. Even on a run 200+ miles it barley achieved 30

  • My pre LCI 530D does low 30's average on a 3 mile school run when the car never gets a chance to even slightly warm up. Long runs is late 30's to early 40's. It did 48mpg door to door from mine to Disney land Paris with 4 people and boot crammed full.

  • My temp sits about 67 and I'm getting 25mpg non motorway in a 525d lci msport. So yip they doe effect it. These thermostats are a major problem for the majority of e60 owners it's a disgrace. Plus the dpf and manifolds are shite. I'm actually getting put of the car.

  • I'll be having my dpf out next week, that's another problem out the road

  • Yeah it's normally a sign...and because of that your dpf will start to get blocked too and it will be a domino effect if ur plugs aren't working either

  • My dpf has been gutted before I had the car. So no blockages there. What plugs you on about? It's a 530D. Is there something else I should be checking too?

  • According to INPA my plugs and relay are shit too

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  • Buy genuine oem ones