50 000 kms goodbye clutch

50,000 kms goodbye clutch...

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  • ouch

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  • Car sits nicely. Sorry about the clutch.

  • Dudeee :(

  • Warranty? Or upgrade time?

  • Nice height

  • Upgrade =] was just unfortunate as I was taking him for the install, the clutch completely failed 2kms away from the shop and I had to get a tow

  • Niceeeeeeee

  • Nice

  • Flywheel and clutch? Did you opt for dual mass or single? racing clutch speaks volumes of your intentions. . ;-)

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  • Yeah the works, I opted for the Single plate Grand Touring variation, I wanted the same clutch feel as the standard JCW clutch but with a lighter fly wheel and something that would hold up a bit more power, I don't think twin plates were available with the GT but I could be wrong.