For sale is my project, I have multiple other cars that id like,to work on and just grab another e30 in the spring. I just put in tranny, clutch, flywheel, all solid clutch line, new slave. What it still needs, pedals installed, driveshaft installed,interior put in, I'm in process of putting a starter in just put plugs and wire. Frame is clean but floors have some rust and rot mostly on drivers side.

For parts: race land lowering springs

getrag 260

stage 2 fx clutch

2 racks

Power steering set up

3 extra coupe doors

2 full rear seat set ups one black and one tan

junky front sport tan seats

one good black sport drivers

2 293 diffs one welded ones also sandblasted

2 dashes with some cracks

hydro hand brake

red hood

Coupe trunk

Duralst black wires

Take full car and all parts for $1500. I'll be working on it this weekend and Into week more than likely more work I do the higher the chance I'll just keep it

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  • Miss this car a little

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  • Fill a void

  • Already did

  • I like that e brake

  • I'm building a willwood one also

  • Ooh nice. Got the bracket set up?

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  • dont got this anymore right?