Has anyone done a back to back comparison from on a turbo comparable to a pte... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

Has anyone done a back to back comparison from on a turbo comparable to a pte 6466 with a divided 84t4 to say a open .58 t4

I'm wondering when a 2j will spool on pump with a 58 . I know it will be rfn. But we are discussing a true driver and we want full boost bye 2500 on pump. 600 wheelish

I think that is the 1st time I have used the term full boost with out dictating and psi.. so let's say 22 psi

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    Photos from Dani Morand's post — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

    So after test fitting the 1jz block with the Xcessive Manufacturing mounts, I noticed that I don't have much room near the starter mount and the frame rail. The engine is as forward and centered as I could get it. I'll be using the Collins Adapter with my 5 speed ZF from a '98 M3. Will I have to hammer the frame rail to make it fit? The pictures aren't that great at showing measurements. From the outermost part of the starter ear, I have about 1.5" from the frame rail.

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      Still haven t found the solution to getting power to the cam sensor But before... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

      Still haven't found the solution to getting power to the cam sensor. But before I go buying another ecu, I think I want to rewire everything to see if maybe it's power and ground that I'm not getting enough of at the ecu.

      I'm only getting two volts to the cam sensor.

      So, can somebody do me the favor of giving me a break down of a correct e36 2jz wiring. Like, everything that needs to be connected to which pins, pins on the body plug because I'm not really using it, and more. Just a full break down of everything that needs to be connected.

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        So update on the swap — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

        So, update on the swap:

        Problem with the cam sensor came back. It's getting low voltage or no voltage to the cam sensor. We check the wiring, and even added our own wiring, and still nothing. Changed the cam sensor because it shared the same circuit, and nothing. Ran separate ground to the cam sensor, and nothing.

        Checked the voltage at the ecu on the cam sensor pin, and it's only getting 2 volts.

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          It bolts up The back of the motor sits about 1 2 more to the passenger side... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

          It bolts up! The back of the motor sits about 1/2" more to the passenger side which I'm not happy about, but at least I know the process to bolting it in now.

          Trans mount should be a simple job and I'll send the driveshaft off to be shortened when I get the new center section and flex disk. I'm excited to finally start putting the car back together now.

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            Good morning to everyone — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

            Good morning to everyone.

            I have a 1jz set up in a E36, I have a couple of questions to hopefully improve my setup.

            1- Were you guys able to retrofit the stock BMW radiator with the 1jz setup? Meaning without the use of a inline filler neck and using the factory overflow reservoir as a fill neck? There is a 3/8 line coming from the bottom of the reservoir, where do you T the line to the 1jz setup. I have mine T off one of the heater core hose, I am just not sure if it's the best location.

            2 - Where do do you mount the heater control valve on a left hand drive E36 BMW after a 1jZ swap? There is absolutely no room anywhere on the firewall and extending the lines strut tower seems to be the only way.

            Sorry for the long post,

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              I m done with this motor swap lol — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

              I'm done with this motor swap lol

              Pulled the codes off the motor, and it was a camshaft sensor that was bad. Replaced the sensor, and still has the same problem. I feel like the sensor isn't getting anything power of some sort. I disconnected it and connected it, and the motor didn't change the way it was running. Meaning, the sensor must have been bad, but changing the sensor didn't do anything. I checked the ECU and it looks good.

              Why the hell is my sensor not working?

              We checked the resistance too, and the wire seems to be good. So, any ideas?

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                2 2. 5 3 Laser cut 304ss 2 bolt exhaust flanges — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                2"/2.5"/3" Laser cut 304ss 2 bolt exhaust flanges.

                Clearing out old stock. Have lots of various exhaust flanges on hand for any custom exhaust job. All the way to production.

                All the exhaust flanges are cut from 304ss material. (No china shit here)

                1/4" & 3/8" thick

                Vibrant charges $22 a piece for the same product.

                My price is $5 each. I can also work out a deal for bulk orders.

                Also for any other inquiries about any custom laser cut jobs you can email me at:


                Or shoot me a pm.

                If you have an idea, file, sketch, drawing, even a scribble on a restaurant napkin, I can most likely make it happen.

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                  For Sale. 1998 318ti roller and complete 1JZ swap kit — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                  For Sale: 1998 318ti roller and complete 1JZ swap kit

                  Asking $11000 with wheels, $9500 without

                  Located in Royal Oak, MI

                  Previously had a rusty 1995 318ti that I completely built from 2011-2013. Found a rust free 1998 roller to swap it all over. Never got there. Getting married and need both the cash and space. No problems with engine, turbo, or trans. it's a very sad day for me.

                  I have complete detailed wiring diagrams and used weatherpack connectors on everything. I am a professional automotive powertrain engineer and did everything right the first time.

                  Follow link to find complete parts list and 100 pics.

                  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxwpdYbFeF 3-YW1jUWZ4MWFoa1k

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                    The mock up motor trans is in the car I need to move a little more sheet metal... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                    The mock up motor/trans is in the car. I need to move a little more sheet metal to get it straight but it's close. The car should be off to the fabricator this weekend to get the frame rails modified for the new trans mount location, driveshaft shortened, shift selector rod made, and subframe reinforcements welded in. Hopefully things move pretty quickly from here on out.

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                      Photos from David Viken's post — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                      Hey guys, been lurking on here a little and just gathering information.

                      I'm no stranger to the 1jz swap as I've done one in a Nissan S14, but the car was sold 2 years ago due to relationship problems, so now I'm starting again but this time using a BMW E46.

                      I've managed to find out most I need to know, like needing a rear sump.

                      But I've got one question I've not figured out.

                      What shifter do I need on the R154?

                      I needed the extended shifter in the S14, but will I need that for the E46?

                      Some pictures of my S14.

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                        Hello all. I have a 85 325e E30 — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                        Hello all... I have a 85 325e E30...

                        I am thinking of building a street legal drift car and want to put 1JZ in it and biggest challenge is to mount the Getrag 260 transmission to it...I beleieve there is no adapters for this setup...and since am working on a budget i can not buy the R154 or other expensive transmissions... overseas they cut and weld the bellhousing which i understand that no one does around here...

                        anyone can give advice or have any helpful suggestion?!

                        Thanks a million and happy New year.

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                          E36 1jz/2jz Swap Arms — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                          For Sale: 1jz/2jz E36 Swap Arms

                          Location: Bunker Hill, WV 25413

                          Price: $450 Includes shipping & paypal fees

                          BRAND NEW Never Used 1jz/2jz E36 CNC Motor mount arms made by Freed Engineering out of MD. These mounts will bolt a 1jz or 2jz into an E36 using any OEM/Aftermarket engine mount. You will need to make a transmission mount or wait for Freed to make start making them. I payed $450 for them and that was including shipping so that is what i'm selling them for.

                          I have attached a photo of the arms i have, and also attached a few photos of @[100000481571655:Tyler Zaklukiewicz] car because he is running a pair of these mount arms and has his motor in so you can see how well it sits in the engine bay.

                          Please message me if you are interested.

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                            Alright I m kind of tired of not knowing what the hell is this misfire that I m... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                            Alright, I'm kind of tired of not knowing what the hell is this misfire that I'm getting.

                            I changed the coils, nothing.

                            I re-gapped the spark plugs from .028 to .035 for 15psi. Nothing. (What I've read for 15 psi, stock twins. May still be wrong, lmk if you do.) Spark plugs are the BKR7E.

                            Changed the MAF sensor, nothing.

                            Checked for vacuum leaks, nothing.

                            Fuel pressure is at 38psi no vacuum. Doesn't seem like it's a fuel issue neither.

                            Only thing I've changed from the previous setup was the spark plugs to new spark plugs, added a AFPR, and added a HKS BOV that's paired with the stock bov.

                            And it's wasting a lot of gas. I can't even accelerate because it stutters hard. It struggles to pull.

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                              Photos from Jake Aquilina's post — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                              So I finished bolting up my wiring specialties harness for the most part. Still need to get a MAP sensor and wire my switches. This is the standalone pro series universal harness for the 1jzgte. My only criticism is that there are a few plugs that could have been a little longer so they are not so taught and the over the phone support is pretty awful. The harness overall fits great and is labeled but when I spoke to them on the phone about the three unlabeled plugs pictured below they were very rude about me not knowing what the plugs were for as if I'm an idiot. Overall harness is great quality and fits well

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                                I got a idea need help now I know this is not a ls page But we have related... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                I got a idea.. need help... now I know this is not a ls page . But we have related issues

                                The heater lines are on the drivers side of the car most of us delete the ac.

                                Is it possible to use the ac core as a heater core? To flow water threw.. heater lines are going to be a cluster fuck on the ls swap

                                Not my car but same thing

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                                  Knocking out the little things while waiting on my EighteenFab motor mounts — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                  Knocking out the little things while waiting on my EighteenFab motor mounts. Two months and some change. They were supposedly at powdercoat 4 weeks ago meaning they had already been fabricated. I got a message 2 weeks ago that I should receive them at the end of that week. Still nothing. Every time I contact them it's "you should have them by the end of the week". Does anyone know someone at the company personally that can push my concern along?

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                                    So according to everyone s advice I ve bypassed the DBW Cannot get the car to... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                    So according to everyone's advice I've bypassed the DBW. Cannot get the car to run anymore. At all.

                                    I have no idea what I'm missing. It ran great beforehand. Now it just farts and stalls immediately. I've searched for vacuum leaks, my fuel pump is running full bore, and I replaced the plugs like 4 months ago when I got the motor. I have zero idea what's wrong with this thing. Any help would be appreciated.

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                                      So AFRs are around 14 7 to 15 4 at idle which looks good But at WOT it... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                      So, AFRs are around 14.7 to 15.4 at idle, which looks good. But at WOT, it shoots straight to 10.0. I read up on it to see if others were going that rich at WOT, and apparently it was normal because the stock aristo ecu shoots more fuel? Idk, I was under the assumption that I wanted me AFRs between 11-11.6, around there at least.

                                      I have the fuel pressure set to 42-43 for WOT.

                                      2jzgte-VVTI, stock twins, 15 psi.

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                                        Guys need some help im running a 1jz in my e36 and my transmission is a manual... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                        Guys, need some help... im running a 1jz in my e36, and my transmission is a manual, so the rear gearbox part, its still of a bmw. So gearbox to drive train, is 1j then in the rear where the shaft connects to the wheels, that part is giving me problems. Just changed the mounts and they broke again, any suggestions on what to do, how to get over this issue. Please guys. Thanks

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                                          bc 272 Complete cam set — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                          1jz bc 272 non vvti cams , bc cam gears , bc Springs and retainers, 24 shim less buckets also will send the bolts for the backing plate to run these gears .

                                          Cams have 8k miles on them

                                          1000 shipped obo us only please

                                          I'll get some close up pics posted later after I'm off baby duty

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                                            Photos from Tyler Zaklukiewicz's post — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                            Incase anyone was wondering, I'm still making progress lol. Working on oil cooler things currently, waiting on a few more parts and the revised version of the PHR block adapter that uses -12an instead of -10an.

                                            Powerhouse racing oil filter relocation kit.

                                            -fits perfectly using the Freed engineering mounts, even clears the factory heat shield.

                                            Hi-Tuned performance custom 4.5" intercooler anodized black with Plazmaman racing clamps. Thanks to John Kessler.

                                            Setrab oil cooler mounted between intercooler and radiator.

                                            Improved racing 145° thermostat

                                            - (not installed yet)

                                            Waiting on the release of Leeson alternator relocation bracket as well.

                                            Z4 non M non powersteering rack. Waiting on u joints from flaming river to finish that up.

                                            Full milspec engine harness is next on the list and then to finish up the rear end of the car.

                                            I'm moving along slowly, gotta get things done for early spring when the car goes for fab work.

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                                              Hey guys im a newbie. Been having some serious problems with my 1jz e36 — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                              Hey guys, im a newbie. Been having some serious problems with my 1jz e36. First it was the drive shaft, popped 3 times. Changed 3 driveshafts. Twice on the left and once on the right. So i decided to make it into one whole piece and tadaaa something else had to give way. The gearbox rear mounts. One of the screws broke right into half leaving the body of it in the hole. Im running 1.0 boost, 319hp, 388 torque. Can anyone please help educate me more on how to avoid things like these from happening, and what else that i should be expecting and how to prevent. Thanks guys.

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                                                Time to plan my wiring I m doing VVTI 1JZ E46 EcuMaster Black ECU I will be... — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                                Time to plan my wiring. I'm doing VVTI 1JZ E46. EcuMaster Black ECU. I will be running DBW on factory BMW pedal. Here's my questions.

                                                Keep in mind I know nothing about BMWs. I plan to download the FSMs later this week and go through the wiring diagrams.

                                                Where do I pull power for fuel / ignition / ecm? I'm trying to keep chassis wiring consistent so an ECM circuit actually powers the ECM and so forth.

                                                Where do I get A/C power and signal from?

                                                I assume the BMW DBW 5v/signal/ground all comes back to the DME location? Can anyone confirm?

                                                Where are you guys tying in alternator charge and starter wiring?

                                                Please do not put any effort into my questions unless the answer is off the top of your head. I obviously have not put the time and research into this part of the build yet. I'm just looking for pointers to get me going in the right direction.

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                                                  Mishimoto Parts and More — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                                  Widened Style 95 Wheels 19x13 +57.15 offset (spacers needed if you want to fit them still 5x120 bolt pattern). with Cooper Tires. - Going with 18's and Lighter wheels for track use. - Wheel widening performed by Weldcraftwheels.com

                                                  Tires: $300 shipped buyer pays shipping

                                                  Two rear wheels: $800 buyer pays shipping

                                                  Wheels with tires: $1000 buyer pays shipping

                                                  $310 shipped Mishimoto X-Line Supra 3-row Radiator

                                                  $310 shipped Mishimoto R-Line Intercooler

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                                                    Photos from James Allen's post — 1JZ and 2JZ Powered BMWs

                                                    Hey everyone, I hope that you're having a wonderful week!

                                                    Just a reminder, here at EighteenFab we build 1JZ/2JZ BMW Engine Swap Kits.

                                                    Here's the info below if anyone is interested in placing an order for a set!

                                                    All mounts are CNC manufactured, hand Tig welded,

                                                    then finished with powder coating. Motor mounts come with Urethane bushings. Transmission Bracket uses the factory Toyota rubber mount.

                                                    BMW E36 3 Series Toyota 1JZ or 2JZ Engines Motor swap kit that fits RHD and LHD with R154 Transmission.

                                                    We also sell E30/E36/E46 & E9X Swap Kits

                                                    Disclaimer: Motor mounts fit M3 Series but transmission mounts are not compatible.

                                                    Please inform us if your motor is 1JZ/2JZ VVTI or Non-VVTI.

                                                    Contact us for more information!

                                                    We also build mounts for other engines as well!

                                                    **We are able to sell motor mounts separate from transmission mount, please contact us for details**

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