1995 E36 M3 - Coupe, 5 Speed, Sunroof

1995 M3 Coupe

5 Speed

Black interior, manual vaders


Kosei K1 17x8.5

Hankook Ventus V12 235/40 (5k miles)

Stoptech BBK (front)

Strut Bar


Bilstein Sport/H&R Sports (rear shocks new)

Rear shock tower weld in reinforcements

JT designs rear shock mounts

Maintenance in last year:


Power Steering Lines

Motor Mounts

Radiator, Hoses, Water Pump, Overflow Tank, Fan Shroud

Oil Filter Housing Gasket

Clutch Master and Slave

All fluids

Rear rotors/pads (stoptech street)

Front Pads


Front Fender liners really chewed up - Ordered 3/16, having SWR install

Passenger outer door latch broken - Ordered 3/16, having SWR install

Has the most 90s alarm system, so you will be embarrassed to lock it in public

Some airpockets in passenger door card, leather still secured on all edges

Bought the car as my daily in September 2015. Got a new job last September and bought a daily econobox as my commute had doubled. Started prepping car for autox and track use, but it has just been collecting dust in the garage. Looking to clear space for some other hobbies.

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  • Sell wheels?

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  • Sorry, only wheels I have at the moment.

  • Trade? Oz's 17x8 with 245 40 rs3's

  • Those are nice, wish they were 8.5's. I'm going to pass for now.

  • Ok worth a shot lol glws on car

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  • nice lookin car! bump