1988 735il stutters when pressing the gas and speedo doesn t work and tach...

1988 735il stutters when pressing the gas and speedo doesn't work and tach doesn't work either... i replaced ALL the fuses....any ideas? please help

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  • Delco and rotor?

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  • for the instruments it's likely to be a loose connection to the wiring ribbon at the back, take the cluster out and have a look at the ribbons, give the connections a clean and reassemble.

  • The stuttering, could be a number of things, MAF, air leak in one of the hoses or the distributor cap or arm. Take the cap off and have a look at the insides to see if there are any electrodes left.

  • is there any guides to pulling the cluster? never done it before and no clue where to start once i get started i think i could figure out the rest easily

  • Fastest way:

    Unplug battery

    Remove steering wheel

    Unscrew 2 small screws at the top of the speedo

    Then remove and enjoy

  • holy crap thanks man thats awesome!

  • wiring is a little tight so be careful when pulling the cluster away, apart from that its all easy, you can get it out without removing the wheel but it can be tight, put a cloth or towel against the wheel if you try to remove it with the wheel in place.

  • If you have an airbag steering wheel then there are 2 x T30 screws at the back of the wheel. One each side. That releases the airbag and connectors for it. Remove wires from it (only with battery OFF!!), then set aside. Then there is a single 16mm in the center for the wheel itself

  • Could be dizzy cap. Mine was fucked. The bush was missing somehow and was constantly misfiring!

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  • thanks guys gonna need help with this car for sure! I deploy this week over seas and i got this care from my cousin for free soon after my friend took his life and he was/is a brother to me so it took a lot from me and he loved BMW with such a big passion i wanna make this car perfect and do as much work on it my self so bear with me and questions please