08 BMW 335i

Hey guys...Unfortunely it is time to let this car go. Car was a blast to drive and deff turned heads and received plenty of compliments! Car has tons of mods, cosmetics, performance, ect... I was going to have a motor built by motiv and throw a doc race single turbo kit on, but I've decided to part ways and move to a different platform. The car WILL NEED a motor, as one of the rods let go. Like I said, I was going to throw a built n54 in but things changed.The car has the following:


Rb super evo turbos (5k miles)

Rb passenger side inlets and outlets

Ngk plugs and eldor coils

Vrsf Downpipes

Motiv port injection

Fuel it stage 3 lpfp

Stett chargepipe and tail bov

Vrsf 7in intercooler

Split second pi controller

Kw v1 coilovers

New low mileage auto trans

Control arms

M3 race alignment

...prob more I'm missing


custom vinyl wrap (car is jet black underneath, perfect paint)

18in apex arc 8 with Michelin pss

M3 carbon fiber hood

Amuse carbon fiber trunk

Mtech rear bumper with diffuser & quad tips

Tints all around

Vinyled window trim

Dtm style headlights

M3 front bumper with cf lip

Custom brake caliper covers

CF mirror caps


Black interior with sport seats

i drive system

carbon fiber wrapped interior trim

Interior is like new!

*car has backup sensors as well

*new waterpump and thermostat

Car is ready for someone to take home, it is perfect for someone who wants to drop a motor into something that is ready to go with all supporting mods. Pm me or text 630-400-4363 if interested. Located in Chicago, IL. Price is $12,000 as I have well over $10,000 in mods alone! No low ballers please. Car is in perfect condition. Clean title, no accidents.

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  • Eric Anderson

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  • Car looks killer. Sucks that had to happen.

  • Thanks bro! And ehh shit happens I can throw a motor in it and sell but I want to see if anyone is willing to purchase it as is and throw their own motor in

  • 8k deff not anymore

  • I'll do 8k without turbos, wheels, and fueling parts

  • Sell it for what you want for it. :) don't listen to people. It's yours. If they don't like the price. They can just move along. They just want you to sell for cheap so they can get the better end of the deal by provoking you.

  • Exactly ^^^ thanks George finally someone who understands! I don't car about them or what they think, I know what it's worth to me

  • I have a good engine if someone wants to get it and swap it in. lol

  • If you find someone who understands how much you have put in, they will pay the asking price. Glws brate

  • How much? And how many miles

  • Hvala brate!

  • ?

  • Lmaoo

  • Lmfao

  • Idk. It's in Northern California so if someone local buys it I'm sure I can work out a deal.

  • any1 know how much will used engine cost? whit installation

  • Depends who does the engine pull and install.

  • Valeri Ko used engines are usually around 2k, installation, 1.5k

  • 15k for this car is pretty good,in my country only 1 stok car price is 13k euros...

  • Thank you... lol

  • Djordje Krstic interesting how much it will be cost to deploy to estonia..

  • Matt Nowalski

  • Dobar

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  • Hvala!